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Dream About Cat

Interpreters describe seeing a cat in a dream as sometimes good or bad, depending on how it is seen. In addition, one of the most controversial issues among dream interpreters is the cat dream. According to Islamic dream interpreters, seeing a cat in a dream is defined as a servant or an enemy. In general, the cat seen in the dream is a sign of someone from the household. There have also been people who have interpreted the dream of a cat in the sense of grief, sadness or illness. Seeing a cat in one’s dream is considered a sign of a deceitful, cunning, insidious person. Sometimes she is described as a bad woman.

  What Does It Mean To See a Cat in a Dream?

To see a cat in your dream means that you will receive bad news from a young woman whom you have not seen for a long time. If the cat is black in color and you see eye to eye in a dream, it indicates that the person who brings the news has an enemy to you. The cat does not see, it is interpreted in a good way by some dream interpretations. White and newborn cats indicate that money will come into the household at small but frequent intervals. A person who sees cats mating will have abundance and fertility. Seeing a newborn white cat signifies fertility, as cats breed a lot in real life.


   What Does It Mean to See a Cat?

The meaning of seeing a cat is directly related to the rest of the dream. A person who sees a cat hissing at himself in a dream means that he will clearly recognize his enemy. If the cat looks into the person’s eyes and shows his teeth, it is a sign that a person he thinks is a friend will show him his real face. If the person has suspects in mind, he or she should review it. A person who sees more than one cat on his bed in his dream means that he will encounter some unhappiness in his home life. It means that the person who sees the dream will have a relationship with his wife, and if he is single and has a girlfriend, he will experience short-term negativities.

   What Does a Cat Indicate?

The cat indicates the unrest that may arise in the house. According to some interpreters, the cat means abundance and fertility. A person who sees a black cat in his dream means that he is struggling with problems in real life. In real life, if a person has borrowed money from someone else, it may also mean that they will have difficulty paying it. Cats symbolize rebelliousness, as they are abrupt and disobedient animals in life. To see cats with maverick movements in a dream means that you will encounter some problems in life. However, it should be noted that these problems are minor and temporary. According to some dream interpreters, seeing more than one cat in a dream refers to a girl child.

   Seeing a Cat in a Dream

Cats appear before people both in their dreams and in their real lives. People believe that having the general meaning of a symbolic image is always the answer a dreamer is looking for. The cat seen in the dream gives a message to the person who sees the dream. Many people see cats as part of the light and dark side of life because cats have been symbolic for centuries.

   Seeing a Little Kitten in a Dream

If a cat appears to you as a guide, know that it offers you a lending hand during your rebirth. To dream of a small kitten signifies a big change and a new direction for your life. You may not accept the change at first. It is your choice, but eventually you will have to evolve through this current evolution of your life. Little kittens will continue to appear until you are ready to embrace your rebirth. When you open your heart to change, you learn how to look after and guide the hearts of others.

   Seeing a White Cat in a Dream

Cats symbolize intuition, feminine strength, feminine gender, vulnerability and creativity. Seeing a white cat in a dream reflects the dreamer’s unique personality and life problems while preserving the ancient universal symbolism of the cat. Dream interpretation requires clarity to enter the terms of the dream. Just as every cat has a personality and has some characteristics that all cats share, dreaming of a cat conveys its own message to the dreamer in addition to the standard symbolism listed in a dream dictionary.


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