Spiritual meanıng of a wild cat in a dream

Dream About Being Attacked by Wild Cats

Spiritual Meaning of a Cat in a Dream

The Egyptians associated the cat dream with the goddess Bastet. Usually, something sinister is associated with such a dream. For example, in the Arab world, these dreams are always associated with thieves. But in European countries, the spiritual meaning of a cat is resentment, envy, ingratitude, and deceit. However, one should always interpret, considering all the symbols. The negative aspects that a cat can symbolize in a dream are often absorbed and mitigated by positively connected other images! 

 The spiritual meaning of a cat attacking you in a dream is not a good sign. In general, it symbolizes jealous and evil people who envy but pretend to be kind to you. It matters who exactly the cat attacked. If the object of its attack is another person, not you, then this person’s behavior causes your negative emotions. Think over your emotions. Probably, you shouldn’t communicate with this person.

 A dream where a cat grabs the clothes with its teeth and does not let it go shows your constant helping everybody and your self-doubt. Those around you shamelessly take advantage of your kindness. It’s time to learn to say “No!”.

Spiritual Meaning of a Wild Cat in a Dream

 A wild cat is a sign of an unconscious desire that manifests itself in a dream. For example, instinctuality, which does not yet have a place in real life, is revealed as a wild cat. A dream about being attacked by wild cats may warn you of gossip around you. It may also be a sign of a possible conflict with your neighbor. So, try to be calm if it happens. A dream about being attacked by wild cats can see a person who has recently changed a job and still has not gotten used to a new job and team. 

Dream about being chased by a wild cat usually is a warning sign. It may show your tiredness or some health problems in real life. For a more detailed interpretation of dreams where a wild cat is chasing you, click here.

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