dream about cat catching mouse

Dream About Cat Catching Mouse

A cat in a dream symbolizes femininity and wisdom, while mice are a personification of evil and envy. Therefore, a dream where cats and mice are present does not often mean good. Usually, such a dream occurs before some important event. Although, a decision still needs to be made under what circumstances these animals were seen in a dream.

  Is it normal for cats to catch mice? It is for sure. Dreams about a cat catching a mouse are widespread. After a dream where a cat is catching a mouse, a dreamer can be wealthy and successful shortly. If a cat has caught a mouse, you will beat your rival. You may also understand who has lied to you before and find out this person. Moreover, you are sure to finish your project soon and get rid of your fears.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Catching Mice?

  Catching mice for fun predicts finding yourself in a stupid position. Catching mice on purpose means choosing the right way to achieve your goals. 

The mouse you caught in a dream is a sign of profit. You might get a gift or make a successful purchase.

            Dream About a Black Cat

   Such a dream can predict a quarrel or even a fight. At the same time, if a black cat lives with you, then the presence of a pet in a dream means absolutely nothing. The cat occupies your thoughts during the day, and the subconscious produces images from memories at night.

   If you want to know what a dream about a black cat means for a man, a woman, or a young lady, or what a dream about a black cat while pregnant means, read our next article. 

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