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Crocodile in a Dream

A crocodile or an alligator symbolizes a powerful enemy in a dream. A dream about a crocodile indicates that you may soon have a financial misunderstanding or a conflict with a friend, or you suffer from some kind of interpersonal relationship, which is rather unpleasant. The dream about a crocodile shows some sort of fear you cannot get rid of; it also indicates some suffering.

     Seeing a Crocodile in a Dream?

If you have such a vision regularly, you may want to change the nature of your relationship with someone. Perhaps you want to get closer to him and are doing everything possible for this.

    A dream where you see a crocodile attacking or tormenting you is significant for approaching disasters. These adverse events are a sign of ill health and infirmity. On the other hand, this dream can also symbolize long periods of acute fatigue or exhaustion, both physical and moral. 

    If a crocodile swallows an animal, you will be in straitened circumstances. 

    You accidentally stepped on the tail of a crocodile in a dream – someone will offer you some help, but you will try to cope with the troubles on your own.

     If a crocodile bit you in a dream, expect a sudden betrayal. But if the crocodile only tried to bite you, the dream book interprets this as getting rid of troubles and overcoming difficulties. Troubles could not “bite” you, and you skillfully slipped out of their clutches.

      Are Crocodiles Lucky Signs? 

   Seeing a crocodile in a dream usually is an alarming sign. The primary interpretation of such a dream is deceit and betrayal of loved ones but do not be upset because of the dream’s meaning. 

Each person there may be their interpretation of any dream. If the crocodile evokes only positive emotions in you and is associated with something pleasant, ignore the negative performance of dreams. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself!


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