What do sunglasses symbolize in a dream?

Sunglasses Dream Meaning

What Do Sunglasses Symbolize in a Dream?

Usually, the symbol of sunglasses in dream dictionaries symbolizes a distorted perception of reality. The dream symbol may indicate that a dreamer would prefer to close his eyes in front of certain situations or people. Eyes in a dream symbolize knowledge and sincerity. From this point of view, eyes that are hidden by sunglasses in a dream mean a person’s insecurity and worries.  

What does it mean to dream with glasses? To see yourself in a dream with sunglasses means depression and tiredness of people’s extra attention. Probably, you need some rest, to be alone for several days in a comfortable place, trying to relax. 

Sunglasses dream meaning usually depends on your actions with them in a dream. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Buying new sunglasses may predict some troubles at work. The reason for that trouble might have been your mistake.
  • Try them on before a mirror – you may get a reprimand from your boss.
  • Try on pink sunglasses – vain hopes.
  • Choosing sunglasses –  you are to decide on which your future career and well-being will depend.
  • To get them as a present – meeting with friends that will advise with methods of solving the problems.
  • To break sunglasses – to reveal your friends’ lies. 
  • Stealing them means losing the lottery. 
  • To sell sunglasses – colleagues` lies.
  • Sunglasses with very dark glasses through which you hardly see something foresee unsuccess. 
  • Wiping the glasses may mean successful negotiations with partners and signing a profitable contract.
  • To give your sunglasses to somebody – the recognition of competitors about their defeat,  future promotion.
  • To hide the sunglasses in a pocket is interpreted as a future family preparation for a happy event.
  • Putting the sunglasses on a dead person – receiving a lucrative offer from influential people.

Dreams about sunglasses may have different meanings when you remember their kinds of them. Thus, expensive sunglasses in a dream symbolize your future success. New sunglasses may mean disappointment in close people. A long and distant trip is waiting for you if you see broken glasses in your sunglasses in a dream. Your family will miss you. Completely broken sunglasses may warn you about a future conflict with your relatives. When you are trying to repair the sunglasses in your dream, it may say that you’re trying to reunite with your partner in real life. 

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