dream of a girl i used to know

Dream of a Girl I Used to Know

Why Did I Have a Dream About Someone I Used To Know?

Dream of a Girl I Used to Know

A lot of people think about it at least several times per year. It happens because our brain works like that. Sleeping is when consciousness sorts the memory and digests the emotions received during the day. Some “expired” moments are sent to the subconscious. However, they don’t go anywhere. Everything that has ever happened to us is kept in our memory forever.

If you are dreaming of someone you used to know, you likely encountered something that caused you to associate with them during the day. Perhaps you didn’t even understand it yourself, but the brain, during sleep, decided to visualize this association.

Keeping pleasant memories of a person makes our subconsciousness show them to us in a dream. If you are currently in a difficult life situation or experiencing few positive emotions, your brain is trying to “cheer you up” in this way.

Another reason for seeing someone you used to know in a dream is an unclosed gestalt. There may have been something going on between you and that person that didn’t end logically. Likely, you have already stopped thinking about it, and the situation does not bother you at all, but the subconsciousness goes back to this moment.

According to the dream dictionary, the dream of a girl you used to know may mean you’re making up with a girlfriend. This kind of dream may also say about your future financial success. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About a Girl You Used to Like?

Seeing a girl you like in a dream foresees positive changes in your relationship with your girlfriend. If you do not have any connections now, you will surely meet someone soon. Walking with a girl you like in a dream may mean parting with someone in reality. You will meet your old friend if you hug her in a dream. Running after a girl in a dream bodes you for some exciting adventures. A girl says she loves you in a dream; you may expect some joy in real life. A smiling girl in a dream predicts meeting with your colleagues. If a girl you used to like is pregnant in your dream, you will reach your goals. To quarrel with a girl you used to like says about receiving some bad news in reality. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Woman You Know?

Seeing a woman you used to know in a dream may be a positive sign, especially if she looked happy. You may get some great news or meet with positive people shortly. If this woman in your dream looked sad, you might be a sign of coming illness. 

Anyway, you should not worry too much about a dream. Signs in dreams do not always come true. So, it is better to concentrate on something positive.

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