What does the color white mean in a dream?

White Room in a Dream

What Does the Color White Mean in a Dream?

White color symbolizes happy life or success in business. The white color in a dream predicts visiting some joyful event. According to what object had white color in a dream, the interpretations are the following:

  • the white house – harmony in relationships with close people
  • building – career growth 
  • floor – the risk of getting into an uncomfortable situation
  • furniture – you are going to buy something you dreamt of
  • white walls – things are going to be alright
  • field – anxious period
  • fabric – getting a promotion or leading position at work
  • white light – dreams will come true
  • white room dream – to make up with relatives. 

Dreams about a white room usually have not only one meaning. If you saw a white room at your parent’s house, you should wait for some joyful thing to happen soon. A big white room in a dream can be interpreted as a significant change in your life. If a white room in a dream has no windows or doors, you might be separated from your beloved soon. 

What Does an Empty White Room Mean?

A dream about being in an empty white room can reflect your apathy in real life. Dream interpreters accept a white room without furniture in a dream as the absence of emotions. A dreamer may feel a lack of fantasy or a sense of humor for some period. It is also possible that a dream about being in an empty white room shows your depression. You probably can not pull yourself together after parting with the beloved. Do not forget that depression is a destructive thing for your health. Your friends and relatives are sure to worry about you. So, try to find some exciting hobby, to do sports and spend more time outside. If you come out of an empty white room, you will fight your disease or some enemy in real life. 

What kind of a white room you saw in a dream also gives a different interpretation. If a white kitchen exists in your dream, long-awaited guests are coming. To see a white bedroom foresees new romantic relations. A white children’s room may mean the replenishment in your family. Un unreasonable fear might appear if you were hiding in a white room in a dream. Tidying up a white room in a dream shows your useless spending of time in reality. To paint a white room into a new color shows the support of some influencing person.

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