Dream about being chased by a wild cat

Dream About Being Chased by a Wild Cat

What Do Wild Cats Represent in Dreams?

A wild cat in a dream warns you of all sorts of troubles. In general, such a dream means the machinations of enemies, an uncertain but real danger to the sleeper. However, the dream book sometimes gives more positive interpretations. 

Here Is the List of What Wild Cats Represent in Dreams With Positive Interpretations:

  • a tender wild cat in a dream – good understanding with your relatives and loved ones;
  • caressing it – overcoming all the difficulties on your way;
  • catching it – achieving respect;
  • a wild cat is running away – you will beat your rivals;
  • in a cage – getting rid of enemies.

There may also be some negative meaning of a dream with wild cats. 

When a wild cat is biting you, soon some enemies may appear in your life. To rescue oneself from a wild cat in a dream tells you not to get involved in disputes.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cats Chasing You?

Or when they are attacking you? What does it mean to dream about a stray cat? Though such dreams often have a negative meaning, you do not need to worry that much. It is just a warning sign. 

Dreaming about being chased by a wild cat may signify that you need to be careful with your health. Shortly some old diseases may exacerbate. When in your dream many cats (not wild) are chasing you, it may show your tiredness of some problems in real life. Try to rest and relax. Dreaming about a stray cat may be interpreted as your long fight with difficulties. If you took a homeless cat home, you are searching for support in real life. Feeding a stray cat in a dream recommends you stay far from some people. 

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