Dream about pregnancy test

Dream about pregnancy test

Dream about pregnancy test

Why did I have a dream that I tested positive for pregnancy?

A positive pregnancy test seen in a dream can cause different feelings. For girls who have been dreaming of having a child for a long time, it can be a pleasant sign; for girls who are not ready for motherhood – an alarming surprise. However, in both cases, two test strips seen in night dreams should not be taken literally, since they do not guarantee a 100% probability of conception and in reality may have a completely different meaning.

What does it mean to dream of a pregnancy test?

A lot of women, having seen a pregnancy test in a dream, start to prepare themselves for this event very prematurely. Dreams are not always interpreted according to what you see, sometimes,  they have the opposite meaning.

What should you especially pay attention to if you had such a dream: 

  • You bought the test; 
  • Whether you make it for yourself or another woman checks for pregnancy;
  • What is the test result; 
  • What emotions does the test cause you?

If you bought and took a test yourself in a dream, then you should take a closer look at your relationship with your loved one. Some contradictions can lead to conflict situations. You can avoid trouble if you control your own emotions carefully and give in to your partner at the right moment.

If a woman in her dreams suddenly finds an already used pregnancy test in her bag, such a dream means that she is to have an unpleasant conversation at work/ Most likely, she will have to go to her boss and review her attitude to her position.

For a woman to see in a dream that she was presented with a pregnancy test may foresee the existence of someone in reality who watching her life and trying to make his own corrections in it.

If you had to hold a positive test in your hands in a dream, then in reality you will be thinking of the distant journey. You will spend a long time deciding what is better: a comfortable life in the usual conditions or a road full of adventures. It is better to choose new feelings and emotions that are to appear after changes in daily routine. 

What meaning does a positive pregnancy test have for a man? Such a dream usually causes indignation in men, they start to fear that in reality, they will receive information that their beloved is in an interesting position. Such a dream is more likely to portend troubles in men`s personal life.

If you are a married woman and saw two strips on the test in a dream, this indicates your subconscious readiness for procreation. Also, a positive pregnancy test in a dream can foretell wealth in the family for a married girl!

To see a negative pregnancy test in a dream: what does it mean?

Not every woman sees herself as a future mother. If you do not think of pregnancy yet, but suddenly see a dream in which the result of your test is negative, the meaning of such an interpretation will be exactly the opposite. You may already be in position. 

What do pregnancy dreams mean in Islam?

For a virgin or a single lady to see herself pregnant in a dream foresee a future marriage. If an elderly woman sees dreams about being pregnant, such dreams may say about coming illness. In Islam to see a pregnant wife for a husband in a dream will let him wait for good news or some material income. If a man sees himself pregnant in a dream, his capital will increase.

What does it mean when you dream about being pregnant and giving birth?

Most often, a dream about pregnancy is interpreted as something positive, which portends good changes in life, positive news, and pleasant meetings. Even work promotion or long-awaited profit is possible.

If a woman who is passionate about creative work has dreams about pregnancy, this is a good sign that her creative plans will come true. 

If you see yourself pregnant at an early term in a dream, it means success at work, and in creativity. If you have a dream where you are pregnant at a late-term, relations in the family will improve. 

If you saw how pregnancy and childbirth passed happily in a dream then everything planned will come true. But if you see a dream where the pregnancy is going difficult or the birth ends in a miscarriage, the plans will not come true.

The interpretation of pregnancy dreams mostly depends on the dream details and on who exactly dreams about pregnancy.

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