Dream about pregnancy

Dream about pregnancy

A dream about pregnancy will easily surprise everyone, especially men who can also see dreams where they are pregnant. Though the interpretation of dreams is an individual thing and depends on the context, there are general approaches to understanding what our subconscious mind suggests. So, a dream about your own pregnancy usually speaks of positive changes in life and personal development. Perhaps your soul is full of hope in the expectation of changes for the better, or your consciousness is full of creative ideas that are about to become real projects.

What is the meaning of seeing pregnancy in a dream?

Dreams about being pregnant often foresee global changes in life. New challenges await you in the personal or professional spheres, and they broadcast the image of the birth of a new life. Such a dream testifies to the future “birth” of something good – something that will take you to a new level.

Due to the dream details about pregnancy, the interpretations are:

  • If you had a dream of pregnancy in the early term, it predicts your success at work and in some creative sphere of your life.
  • If you dream that you are pregnant at a late-term, it says that your family relations will improve.
  • To see in a dream how your pregnancy and childbirth go happily is a good sign. Everything that you wished will come true. 
  • If your dream about pregnancy was not very pleasant,  you saw that pregnancy passed difficult or childbirth ended in a miscarriage –  it may be a sign that your plans will not come true. 

Interpretation of dreams about pregnancy mainly depends on the situation in which this state was and on who exactly saw the pregnancy dream.

 What does it mean when a woman sees dreams about being pregnant?

  • For a married woman who has no children to see a dream about being pregnant foresees future pregnancy.
  • A pregnancy seen in a dream by a pregnant woman indicates her worries about her health and the upcoming birth. The expectant mother should calm down a little.
  • If a woman who already has children sees in a dream that she is pregnant, this may indicate the pregnancy of her adult daughter. According to the interpretations of some dream books, this dream says that a woman has an ill-wisher or an envious person.
  • If a single childless woman sees herself pregnant in a dream, it can forebode some problems with her reputation: someone may be gossiping about her or sharing her secrets.
  • If a widow sees dreams of her pregnancy, she should expect something joyful in the future.

What does it mean if you see someone else`s pregnancy in a dream?

  • For a mother to see her daughter being pregnant in a dream could be anxious. While interpreting this dream It is important to consider her daughter’s age in real life. If she is an adult, the dream is a warning sign that it is time for the girl to have children –  otherwise, such an opportunity may not arise in the future. If a mother has a dream about her little daughter being pregnant, the dream is interpreted as receiving unexpected and pleasant news, gain, profit, and work promotion.
  • The pregnancy of a close friend in a dream symbolizes an unexpected and quite serious profit or the successful completion of any important business, which may relate both to the pregnancy itself or some other business.
  • To see in a dream that your sister is pregnant says about money problems.
  • If you see a dream where your mother is pregnant it shows your worries about her.

What does it mean if a man has dreams about pregnancy? 


  • For a man to see a  dream about the pregnancy of a girlfriend or wife is a good sign. It indicates love and trust in their relationship.
  • If a married man sees a pregnant unknown woman in a dream, it means that there are probably many things that do not satisfy him in the family.
  • If a man had a dream about his own pregnancy, such a dream predicts the realization of his plans and a good profit.


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