Dream about visiting someone in hospital

Dream About Visiting Someone in Hospital

Dream About Visiting Someone in Hospital

We all know that hospitals are not pleasant places. Anyway, we go there for many reasons. Though it is better not to visit this place, as a patient or a visitor, we often dream about seeing someone in the hospital. In reality, calling the medical institution often brings a negative experience: it is associated with negative news about health, unpleasant procedures, and queues. So, the dream in which you had to visit the hospital or be in it can hardly be attributed to pleasantness. You should pay special attention to the dream after which you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps, your subconsciousness is struggling to appeal to your mind and remind you that visiting a hospital is already necessary. In most cases, a dream remains a dream. So don’t wake up thinking about problems; self-suggestion can play tricks on you.

A dream of visiting someone in the hospital could be a sign that someone is seeking your help in real life. Look around, don`t go by a person who is in trouble. If you visit the hospital for no reason in a dream, your head is full of secret thoughts, while in your soul, you are fighting two polar personalities, which you cannot or do not want to reconcile. 

A dream about being in a hospital and talking to an ill person foresees that a close person to you will be healthy soon. Being in the hospital and talking to a friend who says he will quickly get a job means profit. If a person you visited in your dream was your relative, some problems might occur. A dream of seeing many people in the hospital says about an unsuccessful business trip. If, in your dream, you visited a friend who was in a coma; probably, you will have insomnia.

Seeing someone sick in your dream does not always have a negative meaning. The interpretation of such a dream will depend on who was ill. Here is the list of possible variations depending on who was sick.

  • grandmother – to troubles 
  • a little boy – the dream will come true
  • wife – vain hopes
  • husband – meeting a violent man
  • enemy – to a significant loss 
  • lover – to recovery
  • friend – career growth
  • father – to family quarrels
  • mother – do not expect any help from your partner
  • aunt – health improvement 
  • uncle – to quarrel with distant relatives
  • brother – difficulties in business
  • sister – you will win the lottery


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