dream about meteors hitting earth

Dream about meteors hitting earth

Dream about meteors hitting earth

Symbols of the meteors, comets, or asteroids hitting the Earth in a dream may depend on many things. Those, who love fantastic genres of books and films about traveling to space should pay little attention to the dreams about meteors hitting the earth.  If you have recently read a book about spaceships or aliens capturing the Earth your emotions might have been reflected in your night dreams. In case you do not like that kind of book and had a dream about meteors hitting earth let’s try to find out what it may mean. 

What does it mean when you dream about a meteor falling to Earth? 

There is no consensus on the interpretation of the meteorite in a dream, as well as other similar signs. Here we are sharing with you the most popular interpretations. It is believed that any action that a meteor foresees you is short-lived, as in reality, meteors do not live long. Besides, very important are the emotions of the dreamer when he sees dreams with this natural phenomenon. If a dream causes you to feel awe and delight it will have a positive interpretation. If the emotions are more like fright, then we suggest you should take some precautions in order to avoid the incidents in reality.

In general, a meteor in a dream means some bright events and changes that may happen in the life of a dreamer or his close people. 

Interpretation of meteorite in a dream depending on details.
Depending on the characteristics of a meteor:
– big meteor – to hereditary;

– flying – you may lose your reputation;

– exploded meteor – to rash act;

– small – to little troubles;

– flaming – to a risk of getting hurt in a fight. 

Depending on the actions in the dream:

What does it mean when a meteor hits? 

To see how a meteor hits the earth and then to pick its pieces up foresees the betrayal of your close person. Sometimes, a dream about seeing a meteor flying to the earth shows your fears in real life. If you were holding a meteor in the dream some romance is waiting for you in reality. To find a fallen meteor may be interpreted as reaching the goals. To catch the meteor with your hands in a dream says that your dream will come true.

Depending on what other objects you saw together with a meteor in your dream, the meanings are:

  • asteroids – to poorness;
  • comet – to the realization of plans;
  • the Moon  – to emotional burnout;
  • stars – unnecessary anxiety about the health of relatives;
  • the Apocalypse – some interesting thing will happen;

What happens when a meteor shower hits the Earth?

 The dream where you saw a meteor shower has a negative meaning. It is said that the period of failure and misfortune may happen in your life. A meteor shower can be interpreted as some changes in the life of a person who saw the meteor shower in his dream, which won’t be long. If in a dream you heard a talk about a meteor shower, it foresees receiving some present or buying a desired thing. 

If in a dream you couldn’t see a meteor falling but you were sure it happened, in reality, you will be able to strengthen your financial position.

Dream about meteors hitting earth (Positive emotions)

Very often a falling meteor is a harbinger of enormous changes in life. It can be both a planned journey to distant countries and a change of residence, for example, moving to another city or even a country.

If you feel positive emotions after seeing a meteor in a dream you may be sure that this dream is a sign of good things that are going to happen. In the other case, try not to focus too much on the negative and we are sure you will be  able to avoid some difficulties. 


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