Dream about Horrible Haircut

Dream About Horrible Haircut

Dream About Getting a Haircut: What Does It Mean?

Dream About Horrible Haircut

According to dream books, haircut dreams show that you want to start a new life and change everything completely. If you do the haircut yourself in your dream, it predicts disappointment or possible losses. Though, to see in a dream how you do a haircut to another person – on the contrary brings unexpected profit and considerable affluence.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Getting a Bad Haircut?

There is not only one meaning of a bad haircut dream. If you are not satisfied with a dream with a beauty salon or with your haircut, it’s a warning against taking any important decisions for some period. A dream about a horrible haircut may show that, in reality, you are afraid of looking unattractive. Such a dream may also be a sign of coming troubles. You should be aware of possible intrusions on your personal property. Some conflict may occur too. 

Bad haircut dream interpretation also depends on where the haircut was done. If you saw a dream where your haircut was done at a beauty salon, you might be afraid of gossip about you. To stop it, you are to show your strong character. If, in a dream, you do a haircut for somebody else, it may mean success and wellness. However, you can achieve success only with somebody else’s help. One more meaning of such a dream is your sense of superiority over others in reality. Try to think about it. Are people around you communicating eagerly with you or sometimes avoiding your presence? If it’s the second one, maybe, you should change your attitude toward those surrounding you. 

To see a dream of being cut bold for a boy means going to the army soon. If a man is missing his haircut at some famous barber, he may have a scandal with a girl in reality.

For a girl to be cut bold in a dream is interpreted as being ashamed in reality. Try to avoid unknown companies and control your deeds in public for some period. For a woman to get a haircut at a hairdresser in a dream also means scandal.

Seeing Someone Gets Haircut in a Dream

If in a dream you see how a haircut was done to an unknown person, you may wait for a successful period in your life and also get a fortune. You had a dream where your relative had a haircut, and this relative might get ill. If you are a young man and see in your dream how your girlfriend is doing a haircut, it means you are ready for serious relationship with her. To see a child getting a haircut in a dream may predict conflicts with your children. If some unfamiliar person was cutting your child’s hair in a dream, there is probably some gossip around your family now. You should also be careful about your child’s health for some period because such a dream may foresee illness. When a dead person is having a haircut, in your dream, do not worry about the negative meaning of the dream. On the contrary, such a dream predicts robust health, getting rid of diseases, and troubleshooting. It may also mean happiness in your private life and respect from your boss.  

Try to remember the details of your dream; what kind of instrument was used in the cutting process? It may also tell a lot about the meaning of the dream:

  1. Knife. Such a dream recommends not getting into an adventurous situation in order not to have problems with the law.
  2. Scissors. A dreamer is a persistent person.
  3. Rusty scissors. A dreamer often remembers his complicated past and tries to change something.
  4. Big and inconvenient scissors. Some unpleasant, stressful situations may happen.
  5. Shaver. A dreamer can show his best side and receive deserved praise and respect.

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