Dream about gold watch

Dream about gold watch

Dream about gold watch

Many dream books come to one opinion – seeing a gold watch in a dream reflects your constant hurrying somewhere or lack of time in real life. A dream about gold watch could be a kind of warning to you, warning that you may not have time to implement the project, skip the deadline or forget about an important event in your life. 

What does a gold watch symbolize?

It is said that a gold watch in a dream symbolizes your life energy, and it gives you a hint of how to use it best, what to pay attention to, and what should be prepared better in advance. The exact answer will depend on many factors: experts advise you to remember what kind of wristwatch you saw, what the strap was made of, and most important: what you did with this subject while dreaming. In their opinion, depending on the details, such a dream can foresee the coming major changes in life, recall the importance of the present moment and encourage you to listen to the signs that surround you. 

Gold watch dream meaning in general is positive. If everything is ok with it (the watch is not cracked and working) a period of luck and wellness is coming into your life. If the hands of a watch are moving too fast, it’s time for you to think over your long-term plans. The slow movement or absence of the hands can warn you about mild illness, malaise, or apathy. 

If a woman in a dream holds a men`s gold watch in her hands she might meet her second half in the near future. If a woman sees a women`s gold watch in her dream it may predict a vocation or a trip that she has been planning.

Sometimes dreams can confuse us. For example, if a girl`s close friends present her with a men’s watch in a dream, such a dream may warn of the duplicity of her friends.

When a man sees a men`s gold watch in his dream he is sure to be promoted at work soon, or the period of success is coming into his life. For a man seeing a women`s gold watch in a dream means being involved in some tricky case that will negatively influence his private life or career. 

Let’s see how the dream about gold watch can be interpreted according to the actions with the watch in a dream:

  • to get a gold watch as a gift – you need to rest;
  • to wind the watch up – you will successfully realize the project;
  • to buy – you will become financially independent;
  • to try on – changes of your life priorities;
  • finding a gold watch in a dream – your stolen thing will be returned back to you;
  • finding a women`s gold watch – to get unexpected success;
  • finding a men`s gold watch – changes in private life or marriage; 
  • to lose a golden watch – depressive mood;
  • to break a gold watch – not a good sign and some problems may occur in reality; 
  • cleaning – replenishment in the family;
  • choosing a gold watch  – you will win the bet;
  • taking a gold watch from somewhere – to get an expensive present. 

What does it mean to see gold items in a dream?

The main interpretation of a dream with gold items in it foresees a pleasant spending of time but the dream meaning changes according to the thing you saw in the dream. So, to see a gold bracelet in a dream means to catch a cold or feel not ok. To see many different golden things in a dream predicts a period of loneliness. If you saw golden earrings in a dream you may get acquainted with a pleasant person or be invited for a romantic date. Seeing jewelry with stones in a dream says about getting the heritage. 

What does it mean to dream about a gold watch in Islam?

According to Islam’s interpretation dream book a dream about gold watch predicts a quarrel with a mother or gives a sign that your relationship needs to be improved. For women, the dream where you find a gold watch says about a surprise or a pleasant gift.

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