dream about getting married to a stranger

dream about getting married to a stranger

Dream about getting married to a stranger

What does it mean if you dream about marrying someone you don’t know?

Dreams involving strangers usually predict some important and unexpected events that the dreamer will have to face. 

Dream about getting married to a stranger may symbolize some life changes. After seeing this kind of dream you have to be prepared for unexpected changes. Many dream interpretation books say that dreams about getting married to a stranger foresee a long and distant trip and separating from a beloved person. It could happen that a young girl who saw such a dream would have to go on a business trip. This long journey could be a real challenge for her and her boyfriend. 

Why did I dream about getting married to someone else?

This question may come to a head of a married woman. If a woman who already has a husband saw a dream where she was getting married to someone else it predicts some problems in relationships with a man. Probably your man is not satisfied with how much you work and it could be a reason for a conflict. There is also another meaning of a dream where a married woman sees her wedding with someone else. The interpretation of it says that a woman might be not happy in her marriage and wants to change something. If you see a dream where you marry someone but you guess later who it might be, could be a sign that deep in your mind you want to come back to your ex-boyfriend or you are missing your past. To marry your husband in a dream shows a strong attraction to him; loyalty, a happy family union.

In your mind, you play your wedding day again. It’s a good sign that your feelings are still fresh, they have not faded.

If you ask yourself `Why did I dream about marrying someone I know?` you might have been thinking of marriage recently.  Dreaming about getting married to someone you know may be caused buy your desires to get married. Psychologist say that these kinds of dreams usually see young girls and this is quite natural. The dreams symbolize maturity and being ready for marriage.

 When in your dream you saw a person whom you realy like in reality it is a sign to get a proposal in the near future. If you saw a dream where you are getting married to someone you know on the eve of a wedding, it does not give any important prognosis. Do not pay much attention to such a dream if you are sure that you are marrying with feelings of great and mutual love. The dream was provoked by your own anxiety, and pre-wedding stress.

If you marry a stranger in a dream and feeling negative emotions you are coming through an unhappy period in real life connecting with love and relationship. To see a dream where a stranger whom you marry, bahaves bad towards you at the wedding says to you to pay attention to that man with whom you are communicating in reality. He might be not that good one. 

Dream where you kiss a stranger that you are marrying predicts the appearing of a really nice boyfriend in real life. 

What does it mean when you dream about getting married but did not happen?

Getting married in a dream predicts changes in real life. The dream book says that your plans in real life may be ruined. It can also warn you against your relationships that are not developing.  the experts recommend you to remember the emotions that you felt after seeing this dream. Positive emotions symbolize freedom, while the negative ones  – some troubles or worries. Besides, the marriage that has not happened may just reflect your wishes or doubts.
You should remember that even the negative dreams do not often influence our real life if we pay little attention to its negative meaning.

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